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Periferia is all girl group from southern Finland. From small town Punkalaidun exactly. Our group is so called “girlband” and we play instrumental music with guitars. Our musical influences comes mainly from 60`s, but also from other styles of music that sounds interesting.

The band was started by one night in 1997. It was just one band’s gig and we had made our decision. We wanted to play too! So it took couple of months before we managed to buy all the necessary equipment. Then started hard work which still continues… We have known each others since childhood and means that all this practising and other stuff has going great. (Some disagreements now and then of course…but so rarely) =) 2009 things changed a little and since then we've been playing just instrumental music. (Some disagreements now and then of course…but so rarely) =)

To mention something about the musicians: Nowadays we are located all over the Finland, but it has not turn off our enthusiasm. We get together and play so often as possible. The main thing for us is to have fun.

We have just released our new CD. If you wanna buy it, please send us an order by email or by Facebook private message. Let us know your name and address. It is 15euros + 2,90e delivery costs.

In summer 2000 we released our first CD, which included 4 tracks. (Two instrumental and two vocal songs). Afterwards Periferia has released songs in some collection CDs also with other bands, and in 2006 the second CD Applause. Gigs have been done quite a lot actually. There have been grate opportunities to play both in Finland and also abroad (like in Estonia, Sweden, UK and Holland.)

Hope to see you soon =)

If You still have something on Your mind, Please, do not hesitate to contact us:

You can also find us from Facebook.